What is Keep-fit?
Keep-fit is mainly designed for the over 60's which provides an easy to follow low-impact aerobic section followed by muscles toning and strengthening exercises, stretching and joint mobility moves, plus posture and balance improvement element.

Main Principles of Keep-fit

Aerobic Section - consists of any easy to follow low-impact exercise routine put to music which can improve your cardiovascular system (heart & lungs) and co-ordination. Plus it burns fat too!

Muscular Strength - exercises designed to tone and strengthen your muscles without bulking them - plus toned muscles will burn fat when at rest!

Muscle Flexibility - stretching exercises designed to improve your general flexibility. Muscles can shorten during exercise, from poor posture or an injury and stretching aims to lengthen the muscles.

Joint Mobility - exercises aimed to improve mobility of your joints which can become stiff from lack of use or from an injury. Coupled with stretching joint mobility can be improved.

Posture - poor posture can result in aches and pains throughout the body and can often be correctly by applying good posture techniques both in and out of class.

What if I'm unfit?
The class is aimed at all levels of fitness, over 60's and open to both men and women. All elements of the class can be worked at your own pace and you will soon start to notice improvements in your fitness levels; be it from being less puffed out or feeling more toned or more flexible. Please advise us of any conditions you may have so that we can accommodate them if necessary.

What to wear
Loose comfortable clothing, bring a warm top to put on for the stretch and relax section at the end of the class. The class is performed in suitable supportive training shoes (not bare feet or sandals). A small hand towel is useful for some of the exercises.

What to bring
Resistance bands and squishy balls are provided. Small bottle of water and a hand towel might prove to be useful.

Please feel free to ask any questions you might have as to the suitability of the class for you.

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